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OUR PRIDE...                   
We are the largest on-the-ground facilitator of responsible volunteer projects throughout Africa in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries.In 2009 we were nominated as finalists in the World Travel Awards, and are continuously striving to improve the nature of the work that we are doing in Africa.

Based in Southern Africa we work in partnership with our office and field staff in Southern and East Africa, as well as volunteers from around the world.




For this continent, and its sustainable development, means that we will go out of our way to ensure measurable results for projects through meaningful volunteer experiences.


Our team is made up of people with vast experience living, working and travelling in Africa.  We raise up and invest in local staff wherever possible, and our colourful team is made up of people who have an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for their work.


The Story Behind African Impact

giraffe bij zonsondergangSince its humble beginnings at our Antelope Park Lion Rehabilitation Project in Zimbabwe in 2004, Andrew and Wendy Conolly, along with a dedicated team of managers, office and field staff, have built African Impact into Africa's leading voluntourism organization.

Our first volunteers were welcomed with open arms to our Antelope Park project in late 2004, and the journey from that date to now has been an exciting and rewarding one!
Having traveled to our volunteer projects throughout Southern and East Africa, I’ve seen a lot of fascinating things and met a lot of intriguing people!From camping with Masai warriors and camels in the bush of Northern Kenya while scouting a new project; to tracking leopards with experienced scouts in Southern Botswana; taking a ‘chicken bus’ up to the lip of the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, or having the time of my life reading to kids at our adopted orphanage in Mozambique, I have never failed to be continuously inspired, and re-inspired, by the people that I have met.

Whether they were our very own African Impact project managers or participants or local partners such as headmasters in small rural schools or over-eager children with an amazing desire to learn, I am continuously awed by the beauty of the kind of humanity that can eclipse all boundaries and bring people together when working for a common cause.

voetbal training zambiaUltimately, I prefer to seek out the evidence and outputs that stand to support the work that we are doing. So I will leave you with these comments and in the mean time will look forward to welcoming you to Africa one day!" - Sarah Graham (nee Conolly), Co-Founder, Cape Town, October 2009

"The whole experience was absolutely incredible. It was uplifting, rewarding, challenging, grounding, heart-breaking and soul-destroying in equal measure. To see the absolute joy on the faces of the children when we arrived to spend time with them, or their excitement at being given the opportunity to do something creative, was incredible. This is why I WILL do it again and why I would encourage anyone who is thinking about doing this to go and do it." - Stuart Neath, UK. Past Volunteer to our Mozambique project.

"As a department, we truly appreciate your dedication and hope you recognise, as we do, the valuable role you play in building brighter futures for Zambia's next generation. Thank you for your continuing support. It is through the positive efforts of organisations like yours that we can change a lifetime for a child in need..." Zambian Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development, 2008


Why Choose African Impact for Volunteering?

Yes, there are dozens of other volunteer project operators out there, and there are countless options, so WHY should you choose African Impact for your volunteering, learning or traveling experience in Africa?

  • We have over 6 years experience in the Voluntourism industry in Africa.
  • We are the largest on-the-ground facilitator and operator of responsible Volunteer projects in Africa which all contribute towards sustainable goals.
  • Through our unrivalled on-the-ground support network African Impact has the ability to make this life changing experience as personal and safe as you would expect it to be.
  • In 2010 alone we have been privileged enough to share our amazing volunteer opportunities with over 1700 dedicated volunteers who have contributed over 341,210 hours to making a difference in Africa.
  • Also in 2010 we were WINNERS of the Southern African Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards and this year we have again been nominated as Finalists for the world travel awards and with your help hope to go all the way!

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Because we are passionate about changing peoples’ lives, and dedicated to sustainable travel, we are heavily involved with numerous charities through our project work in Southern and East Africa. Our own African Impact charity is called The Happy Africa Foundation, and is a charitable entitiy of which we are extremely proud.

the happy africa foundationThe Happy Africa Foundation
African Impact is proud to have been instrumental in the establishment of The Happy Africa Foundation in 2007 and continues to be one of the Foundations major supporters. Donations made to support our community and conservation initiatives by private donors as well as by African Impact as a voluntourism organisation are managed and distributed on our behalf by The Happy Africa Foundation.
The Foundation works together with local African communities to conserve and protect the environment, wildlife and cultures in areas where the Foundation is involved and strives to make a meaningful difference to Africa’s communities and wildlife.

alertIn addition, we are extremely proud of our support of the ALERT trust, African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) was founded in 2005 at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe, ALERT is a non-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of sound conservation and management plans for the African lion in consultation with governments, wildlife authorities and communities.
The Trust aims to support the four-stage African Lion Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program developed by Andrew & Wendy Conolly in 1999. The aim of this program is to provide a solution to augmenting the sharply decreasing numbers of African lions through the release of wild-borne offspring from rehabilitated captive bred lions by raising awareness and funds to source, secure and prepare suitable release sites for the lions.


African Impact Annual Report 2012

Read here the African Impacht Annual Report 2012


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